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How to downgrade WD My Cloud

Since the Firmware version 4.00.00-607 (7/9/14) the page-size is set to 64k. That means most third party software won’t work out of the box. So I decidet to downgrade to the previous version again.

To do so, you need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1

Download the old FW from WD >> Link << (sq-030401-230-20140415.deb.zip) & unzip it

Step 2

Copy the .deb file on your shared folder

Step 3

SSH into your NAS (as root) and type

nano /usr/local/sbin/updateFirmwareFromFile.sh

Look for these lines:

    # ITR#34229: don't allow down rev code to be applied
    # -but allow 'patch updates" with any version
    #if [ -z "${update_container}" ] && [ "${vnew}" -lt "${vnow}" ]; then
    #        error="failed 200 \"invalid firmware package\""
    #        pre-update_error $error

and comment them with # like the lines above.

Step 4

Now type

/usr/local/sbin/updateFirmwareFromFile.sh /shares/YOUR-SHARE-NAME/sq-030401-230-20140415.deb


Thats it! The process takes about 5 min and you will see something like this

WDMyCloud:~# /usr/local/sbin/updateFirmwareFromFile.sh /shares/Downloads/sq-030401-230-20140415.deb
updateFirmwareFromFile.sh:07/22/14 23:06:28:: ( /shares/Downloads/sq-030401-230-20140415.deb )
updateFirmwareFromFile.sh:07/22/14 23:06:28:upgrade start: /shares/Downloads/sq-030401-230-20140415.deb
updateFirmwareFromFile.sh:07/22/14 23:06:28:check_size=
updateFirmwareFromFile.sh:07/22/14 23:06:28:version_current=040000607
updateFirmwareFromFile.sh:07/22/14 23:06:28:version_newfile=030401230
updateFirmwareFromFile.sh:07/22/14 23:06:29:package_newfile=sq
updateFirmwareFromFile.sh:07/22/14 23:06:29:master_package_name=sq
updateFirmwareFromFile.sh:07/22/14 23:06:29:master_package_new=sq
updateFirmwareFromFile.sh:07/22/14 23:06:29:update_container=
Stopping periodic command scheduler: cron.
Stopping standby monitor: monitorio.
Stopping temperature monitor: monitorTemperature.
PID file /var/run/mediaserver.pid not found, stopping server anyway...


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